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Q: Will changing my fuel to hydrogen void the manufacture warranty?

A: NO!   It’s illegal.

Manufacturers are not allowed to void their warranty just because aftermarket parts are added.The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) posted the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act for your protection:

The only time a warranty can be voided is if an aftermarket part can be “proved” responsible for an emission warranty claim.

The burden of proof is upon the manufacture.

If denied a warranty claim, phone your complaint in to the EPA at (202) 233-9040 or (202) 326-9100.

You can also contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) toll-free at 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357).(On-Line Complaint Form:

Q: What about smog testing my engine?

A: Some states require the Hydrogen Generator be turned off for the test.

However, remember that running on hydrogen actually cleans the engine, so even though turned off, the engine would pass the test with flying colors! (Out of curiosity, the smog testing agency would likely be happy to run the test both ways at no additional cost, which renders a great visual of engine performance.

We encourage customers to send us the results and/or post them on our blog.) 

Tax Incentive:

Check with the IRS, State Tax Board and/or your tax accountant.Eligible Vehicles – Single Occupant Carpool Lane Use Stickers:

Clean Air Vehicle Sticker: 

More Legislation: 

California Senate Bill (SB) 535:

The Federal Hydrogen Fuel Initiative (HFI) is supported by legislation in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT 2005) and the Advanced Energy Initiative of 2006, aims to develop hydrogen, fuel cell and infrastructure technologies to make fuel-cell vehicles practical and cost-effective by 2020.;jsessionid=33B2C931D1C9992A50735AD68BE42A93?purl=/933181-AO5MXP/ 

State of California on the use of Hydrogen as a fuel for vehicles:

California Environmental Protection Agency – Air Resources Board:

Governor Schwarzenegger April 20, 2004, Executive Order S-7-04, the California Hydrogen Highway Network: Executive Order S-7-04 

EXECUTIVE ORDER S-7-04 (Excerpt)
By the Governor of the State of California

WHEREAS, hydrogen, a non-carbon energy carrier which can be made from clean renewable energy, is ideally suited to address global, regional and local energy and environmental challenges; and

WHEREAS, the State of California is a world leader in renewable energy production, efficiency and conservation, clean air and emission controls, environmental goals and planning, as well as creating, promoting and commercializing new technologies and industries; and

WHEREAS, hydrogen-powered vehicles and infrastructure can lead to energy independence; offer zero or near-zero smog-forming emissions; reduce health problems due to motor vehicle-related air pollution; reduce water pollution from oil and gasoline leaks; lower global warming pollution; improve fuel economy; quieter and smoother operation; as well as provide economic and workforce benefits to help California meet current and future energy needs; and… 


2 Responses to FAQs

  1. HEAE says:

    Wow; the world-wide response is absolutely over whelming, many in foreign languages; thanks for your interest in feeding the people, cleaning up the environment and eliminating dependence upon foreign oil!

    Unfortunately, there is just no way that we can respond to everyone, so for now, we will load a few comments and hope you will understand.

    The important thing is that everyone realizes there is FREE food and clean fuel available NOW!

    All one need do is to run, ‘take ahold!

    This is particularly important for those in the EU where they have banned the internal combustion engine as of 2050; you now have an alternative!

    Why wait until 2050 to do what you can do NOW!

    We have but three requests at this time and we have to act fast and we have to act NOW!

    1. No matter where you are in the world, each time you look at a lake, a river or stream, the seven seas, all the oceans of the world or even just run water through your tap, take a second look; take a REAL good look, then stop and think:

    Rather than just seeing water, see H2O; that’s 1-part Oxygen AND 2-parts Hydrogen.

    Now, fully realize that 2/3s of what you are seeing is HYDROGEN; FREE, clean fuel!

    That’s a LOT of FREE; clean fuel just waiting for you and the water will be recycled!

    2. You can grow enough vegetables, even right in your flat, studio or one bedroom apartment to feed your family year ‘round!

    DON’T waste ANY more valuable time complaining about the government, BIG oil or BIG energy; they’re NOT going to help and you don’t need them!

    The technology is here and YOU can do it YOURSELF, NOW!

    Although most other products don’t produce anywhere near the amount of hydrogen as our products (obviously, besides home applications, we handle large industrial applications, which others don’t or can’t do), there are many similar less expensive products available on the Internet that actually DO work. You can even make your own! So, we encourage you, if you can’t afford our products at this time, purchase something less expensive and get on with it! With the money you save, eventually, you will be using our products, anyway.

    You read it right; we encourage you to buy our competitor’s products!

    The important thing right NOW is the “higher cause”;

    Feeding the people, cleaning up the environment, STOP frac’ing the earth, getting off foreign oil; WE can all pitch in and do it NOW!

    3. In the meantime, you can all do your part; Twitter and Face Book the message (below) to EVERYONE on your list and ask them to do the same:

    FREE food & clean energy, NOW!
    Spread the news; make this message go viral!!!!!!

    After all, it IS a beautiful life and a wonderful world!

    So, let’s start saving it, NOW!!!!

    Thanks for your help and concern for people and for the earth!


    PS: Just so that you know; HEAE money goes back into saving the people and saving the earth!

  2. HEAE says:

    No spam, just positive feedback.

    I think people realize this is something for the betterment of mankind that really needs to be done; something that benefits them, their family and friends.

    Pls. make the message go viral; twitter, face bokk everyone on your lists; ask them to do the same.


    Free food and energy/fuel is here NOW!
    Make this go viral!


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